Hurt my friend and Hell break loose; Tokyo Ghoul episode 2


Last week episode was good and Tokyo Ghoul did not fail to entertain me again this week. Impresively, this week episode gave more detail of Kaneki and Hide background information as well as some action and definitely more feels. The only thing that could distrupt viewer pleasure was the huge amount of gore censorship. One scene made ¾ part of the scene turned into a black layer and we could barely see anything beyond the ¼ area. 
Yup another Mikasa in action
The episode started just after Toka saved Kaneki from Nishio, she sent him to an old bartender, who seems like another ghoul. After treating him a coffee, which suprisingly enough; taste the same for both human and ghouls, After a conversation regarding Kaneki’s current state, he gave him a bag that contained a human flesh in case his ghoulish nature awoken. Amusingly, Rize still lived on in Kaneki’s mind and she would not make Kaneki’s life easier by keep tempting him to give up his human heart and to eat the flesh.
The temptation kills
From the first two episodes,  TG told us that the ghouls from this series were not some kind of mindless flash eating zombies but more like civilized predators. They could blend in the society and acting as if they were humen while their appetite was definitely different from us. The proof is when Nishio ate the cake, he could acted as if the cake tasted good while in actually, he wanted to puke them out
Found you B***h. ^-^ I hope u dont mind I use censorship ;p
It is good that Tokyo Ghoul delivered the background information of both Kaneki and Hide pasts as the following event regarding Nishio, the ghoul that attacked Kaneki in last scene, truly make the scene more powerful. As Kaneki was not a very social person to begin with, seeing the glasses ghoul wanted to ate his only friend made him went out of control. Many flashback about how Hide started to befriend him and how close their friendship was made his anger and frustation felt so real.

For you I'll become the monster

 I don't know if he is lucky or not for getting the organ transplant with Rize. In some senses, she was definitely more powerful than Nishio and when he went out off control, Rize organ transplant made hime capable of killing Nishio with ease. If you look closely before the ending, even Toka received injuries for trying to knock him out. By the way, the part where Kaneki gave up to Rize temptation and about to eat his best friend made my heart beat faster. It was truly a strong scene to saw his desperation almost cost his friend’s life especially after we got bombarded with memories of childhood friendship.
Oh S**t tell me it not real -_-
Somehow, I am still wondering about Toka and the bartender real entity in this series. While it was clear that both of them belong to the ghoul clan, they did not seem to attack and eat human fleshes though I am still uncertain as more episodes will reveal their real appetite. I am also intrigued with the word “anteiku” that the bartender said. Does it look like Bleach “Soul Society” or is it a clan of super Ghoul? Maybe the next episode will tell us more.

So the Jason guy was trully Jason??? wow so original
I am sure this anime is more depressing than some of the other series had to offer. Yet, it still give us some hope as the bartender told Kaneki that he belong to the both world. Imagine if you were in Kaneki shoes and you think that you can't fit in with either ghoul and human society? His wise word made Kaneki realized that being a half entity allowed one to merge with both world. It was trully a heartwaming word especially for Kaneki because no matter how bad Kaneki appetite for human flesh is, he still retained his kind heart. Plus he acquired super ghoul power; making him a unique individual that could close the gap between human and ghoul.

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